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Gabion Baskets

Introducing Gabion Baskets – the perfect solution for transforming your property’s landscape with impressive results at an affordable cost. Available in a wide range of sizes, Gabion Baskets offer a versatile alternative to traditional landscaping materials such as timber sleepers, concrete retaining walls, and rock boulders. Also known as rock cages or wire mesh baskets, their permeable construction ensures they are resistant to frost and water damage, unlike timber alternatives. All parts of our Gabion Baskets are hot dip galvanised, making them suitable for a variety of applications in industrial, domestic, and commercial settings. Crafted with 100% Australian Steel, Gabion Baskets provide a durable and long-lasting solution for your landscaping needs. Elevate your property’s landscape with Gabion Baskets – where versatility meets durability for stunning results.

*only available in TAS

gabion 2
Gabion 1

SG Size: 50×50 x 5mm MESH 305L x 305W x 555H
SG Size: 50×50 x 5mm MESH 555L x 555W x 555H
SG Size: 50×50 x 5mm MESH 2405L x 705W x 905H