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ARC Fences have been manufactured in Australia for Australians since 1920. You can choose with confidence knowing that an ARC Fence will add value to your home and give you peace of mind for years to come.

ARC Fences supplies and manufactures quality pool, home and garden fencing within Australia. ARC Fences is owned by ARC (Australian Reinforcing Company), one of Australia's leading steel and accessories companies since 1920. All ARC pool fencing undergoes stringent tests in a NATA approved laboratory to ensure compliance with Australian standard 1926.1-2012. ARC Fences is now a member of the GFG Alliance. The GFG Alliance is an international grouping of businesses, founded by the British Gupta Family. It combines some of the world's leading industrial, natural and financial resources that work together towards the delivery of a common industrial strategy. Whilst our owners have changed, our products haven't. We will continue to supply our high-quality fencing products, to Australian standards, employing an Australian labour force.

The Australian Reinforcing Company

ARC Fences is owned by ARC (Australian Reinforcing Company), one of Australia's leading steel and accessories companies since 1920.

Our Values

Family Life

ARC is a part of Australian family life, from the time the front gate welcomes you home to the time you sit and enjoy your backyard space and pool. Your ARC fence will always be there to protect and provide reassurance for your family and friends, whether it's to secure your home, keep young children safe, or provide a decorative style to your home.


When you're ready to purchase your fence, ARC is here to help and make it easy. We understand that there any many considerations from budget, styles, materials, land levelling, and personal choice are just a few of the factors you need to consider. All our fences at whatever budget are manufactured to the highest levels. 


ARC Fences is a part of many communities across Australia. We advocate water safety and were awarded the 2013 Kidsafe Responsible Retailer Award for our activity in promoting childhood injury/accident prevention and the safety of children.

Safety and Security

ARC Fences will never compromise on the quality or safety of our fencing. We understand that pool fencing first and foremost is required to create a safe barrier around your pool. When you purchase an ARC fence you can rest assured of your family’s safety. Our fences come equipped with compliance and testing certificates that adhere with Australian Standards. We test our pool fencing to ensure our fences are the safest possible on the market.

A brand of InfraBuild

As a brand of InfraBuild, we are guided by our parent company's strong commitment to sustainability. InfraBuild is committed to reducing our embodied carbon footprint by making sustainable steel.

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