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Safety is paramount at ARC Fences - the safety of our own people, our customers and the safe practises we apply to the products we manufacture and distribute.

ARC Fences is committed to ensuring the safety of children around the pool. Pool fencing manufactured by ARC Fences undergo stringent tests to ensure compliance with Australian Standards AS 1926.1:2012

The current standard for pool fencing is 1926.1-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

AS 1926.1-2012 specifies the requirements for: ‘the design, construction and performance of fences, gates, retaining walls, windows, door-sets and balconies intended to form a barrier (that) will restrict the access of young children (defined as under 5 years of age) to swimming pools.’

The standards aim to prevent a young child accessing the pool from under, over or through barriers/fence.

ARC Fences manufacture and source fencing products in compliance with ISO 9001. ARC Fences quality management system is certified to ISO 9001, Certificate No. QMS40860.

Tests conducted on our pool fences are undertaken in a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure accuracy through our NATA accredited (No.862) laboratory in Sunshine, Victoria. We apply various testing methods to ensure the safety of our pool fencing- these tests include

  • Strength and rigidity of openings (also known as the 'pull through test')
  • Strength of posts and footings.
  • Strength of fencing components
  • Closing and latching of gates

We have also developed a comprehensive pool fence safety checklist to help families assess the safety of their pool fence. Click here to download the checklist.

All pool owners should also download a complete checklist on pool safety from Royal Life Saving at www.homepoolsafety.com.au

The National Association of Testing Authorities ( NATA ) is Australia's national laboratory accreditation authority. NATA accreditation recognises and promotes facilities competent in specific types of testing, measurement, inspection and calibration.

See www.nata.asn.au

ARC is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure workplace to all its employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the community Our commitment to the effective implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy will help us achieve a work environment of zero harm for all people that work within or visit our workplaces

Click here to read about ARC's safety policy

Pool Fences Safety Checklist

Check the safety of your pool fence with these four easy steps. Regular inspections of your pool fence are necessary to ensure unaccompanied young children do not gain access to the pool area. If you’re unable to check off all items below ARC Fences recommends arranging for its immediate repair, replacement or removal.