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Selecting the right fence

1. What is the purpose of your fence?

It's important to start by deciding exactly what you need your fence to do.

There are a number of options you should consider:

  • provide safety and security
  • screen an unsightly view
  • retain children or pets
  • enclose pools or tennis courts
  • reduce noise
  • improve the look and style of your property
  • provide privacy
  • mark a boundary
  • shape your property and define particular areas for certain activities
  • define personal space

Some fences perform certain functions better than others, but with some careful planning and professional advice, you can often choose a fence that will do more than one thing.

No matter which fence you choose, you will want to make sure it suits your needs, your landscape and complements your environment.

2. What are your legal obligations?

Always consult your local council before installing a fence to ensure compliance with any local council by-laws. Council regulations vary from region to region and can help you with respect to height, materials and distances from neighbours or pavements. This is mandatory for the installation of a pool fence, and can result in fines if regulations are not adhered to.

3. How do you choose the right design?

You will want your new fence to be functional, but it should also enhance the look of your home. Here are some ways to help you achieve this:

The style of your home

First, look at the architectural style of your home. Is it Contemporary, Georgian, Federation, Brick Federation, Old Colonial, Tuscan or another style altogether? The design of your fence should complement the style of your home.

Making an impression versus blending in

Do you want the fence to stand out and become a feature in itself, or blend in? Some fences are designed not to be seen, while others are used to form a backdrop to other features. Specific colours and styles will help you achieve the look you are after.

Pool fences

If you are after a pool fence that blends into the garden and allows the pool itself to be the feature, the ARC Fences Sturt, Bass or Willow style fence will give you that look.

Front fences

Alternatively, if you want a fence to match the style and colour of your home and be a feature of your front garden, then the ARC Fences Blaxland or Bourke style in black may be the answer.

Landscape designs

Depending on the landscaping of your property, your fence may be level, stepped or sloped.


If your fence plan includes a gate, you will have to decide where the gate will go and how it will be designed. Choosing the location is easy - convenience is the primary consideration here. But as far as design goes, the gate can either match the fence in appearance or it can be a contrasting size, design and material. Whatever you decide, the size of the gate will determine post spacing and location.

Be a good neighbour

Don't forget to take into account the height, materials, post settings and any gate locations in your new fence. A neighbourly way to build a fence is to make sure that it's equally attractive from both sides.


ARC Fences options for fencing materials:

  • Steel, Aluminium, Wire, Metal Pickets
  • ARC Fences has an extensive range of accessories available. You can enhance the look further by choosing different styles and colours for the gates, spears and posts.
4. Should you install the fence yourself or use a professional?

Doing it yourself.

When installing a fence yourself, you need to be completely thorough. Most importantly, make sure you measure the area to be fenced correctly, allowing for gates, posts and letterboxes. For further detail on installing it yourself, refer to our "DIY Guide to Installing an ARC Fence".

Choosing a fencing contractor.

It all comes down to trust, but as a guide, there are two questions you should be able to answer before requesting a quote from a contractor:

  • Can they do the job? If you are not sure, ask to see jobs they have previously done that are similar to yours.
  • Will they look after my interests? If you haven't worked with the contractor before, it can be difficult to determine. So get in touch with previous customers. Ask for references. And keep an eye out for the contractor's signs on fences in your neighbourhood.

Once you've identified two or three trustworthy contractors, you should start shopping around for value. But don't base your decision solely on price because as a general rule, you get what you pay for. We recommend that you factor competence and integrity into the equation to make sure you select the best all-round contractor for the job.

And for absolute peace of mind, contact ARC Fences on 1800 336 237 and we'll arrange for one of our local ARC Fences preferred contractors to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

When purchasing a steel fence to install yourself or via a contractor ensure you request:

Proof of compliance with Australian Standards. This is crucial for pool fencing, which must adhere to strict design and testing criteria to ensure the safety of your family. When choosing an ARC Fence, you can rest assured of compliance. All products manufactured by Smorgon Steel under the ARC Fences brand undergo rigorous testing, are NATA approved and supplied by a Quality Endorsed Company (ISO 9022).

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