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The Cyclone® Brand was introduced to Australia in 1898. Cyclone was an Australian Icon especially with the men of the bush in the early 1900's. The Cyclone branded fence was a revolution in the lives of the farmer, bushie and grazier because it made fencing easier with a promise of high quality and lasting performance in the protection of the land it surrounded and the stock it corralled.

The Cyclone salesmen were relied upon to give an honest account of themselves and were highly regarded for their advice to farmers and graziers alike. The original Cyclone Zephyr (a newsletter published in 1902) proclaimed the products to be "of the highest quality and best performance and their salesmen to be true to their word."

In 1905 Cyclone were the first company to introduce a pre-fabricated fence called SpringCoil based on a hinged joint construction and again were first to introduce an improved pre-fab construction called Ringlock.A key point in the history of the Cyclone Company was the decision to go public in 1947 and by 1948; the Cyclone brand had national coverage. In qualitative market research in 2001, farmers stated that Cyclone was an icon and indicated that a focus on improving the brand image would be an important step in growing sales in Australia. To many farmers, Cyclone is Fencing.

In 1975, Boral purchased the Cyclone business and oversaw a period of expansion where the Australian-ness of the brand was personified by Slim Dusty becoming the voice of Cyclone in TV commercials of the early 1980's. In addition, Boral continued to expand the fine mesh, garden tools and general merchandise products under the Cyclone brand.

The Cyclone brand has had a number of custodians over this 100 year period with Smorgon Steel being the latest. In 1992, Smorgon Consolidated Industries acquired the industrial, domestic and rural fencing divisions of ‘Cyclone'.

At this time, the rural product range was significantly expanded with a decision to include plain and trellis wire and other products in a range which had been dominated by Ringlock and pre-fab fencing prior to purchase from Boral.

In late 2002, Smorgon Steel acquired the trademark in all markets with the exception of garden tools.  From 2007 Smorgon Steel Reinforcing rebranded to ARC-The Australian Reinforcing Company and the rest is history.