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Our Process

ARC Fences have been manufactured in Australia for Australians since 1920.

You can choose with confidence knowing that an ARC Fence will add value to your home and give you peace of mind for years to come. ARC Fences supplies and manufactures quality pool, home and garden fencing within Australia. ARC Fences is owned by ARC (Australian Reinforcing Company), one of Australia's leading steel and accessories companies since 1920.


The Whyalla Steelworks is a fully-integrated operation, starting with the mining of raw materials and ending with the distribution of finished steel products. Raw steel is produced in the steelworks with about 65% of that product then transferred by rail to InfraBuild Manufacturing sites in billet form for further processing. The balance of the steel is then converted to finished products in the Whyalla Rolling Mill. These products service the construction and rail transport industries.

Wire Mill

InfraBuild Wire is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wire products. InfraBuild Wire operates three wire mills and is Australia's largest manufacturer of wire for construction, manufacturing and rural applications. InfraBuild Wire includes Waratah Fencing and Cyclone Products with national distribution through regional outlets supplying agricultural products, including fencing, silos and hardware.


Cyclone® Security Chainwire Fencing, as manufactured by ARC Fences, is the ideal material for providing an efficient and economical fencing solution around the widest possible range of sites and properties. Whether your requirements depend upon cost, appearance, security levels, or the individual demands of the site, you can be sure that ARC’s wide and innovative range will provide a finished chainwire security fence to suit your specific needs.


ARC Fences distributes a variety of local manufactured fencing products to a number of metropolitan and regional ARC branches.

ARC Fences is proudly an Australian company

Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire

InfraBuild Wire's Galvanized Chain Mesh Wire has been specifically developed to suit the majority of chain mesh machines. Its consistently high quality enables manufacturers to achieve improved machine efficiencies.

InfraBuild Steel's Galvanized and LifeMax® Wires are made to AS/NZS 4534 – ed Steel Wire Fencing Products for Terrestrial, Aquatic and General Use. Our wire is woven into chain mesh fences that are widely used for industrial security, tennis courts, parks, safety fences on freeways, domestic and industrial fencing, etc.

Galvanized and LifeMax® Chain Mesh Specifications

InfraBuild Steel's Galvanized and LifeMax® Wires are made to AS/NZS 4534 – Zinc and zinc/ aluminium-alloy Coatings on Steel Wire and are offered in coating classes W02 through W25 in a range of diameters. Heavily Galvanized and LifeMax Wires also comply with AS1725.1 – Chainlink Fabric Fencing - Part 1: Security Fences and Gates.

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At ARC Fences, we are proud of our local Chainwire and Weldmesh Machines. Our four chainwire machines can produce standard size (900 - 3600mm) heights, in addition to popular selvedge styles: barb / barb, knuckle / knuckle and knuckle / barb.

Wire Types

Chainwire fencing rolls are manufactured using a variety of different wire types:

  • 2.50mm standard galvanised wire
  • 2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter heavy galvanised or Lifemax (TM) wire 2.50mm and
  • 3.15mm galvanised core P.V.C. coated wire (green or black)

LifeMaxTM wire is manufactured by Infrabuild Wire and has a zinc aluminium coating which lasts up to 3 times the life of Zinc Galvanised coating. It has good welding performance and is manufactured in Australia.

Please note: Chainwire rolls and associated products made from 2.50mm Standard Galvanized (SG) W02Z wire do not meet the minimum standard for any parts of AS1725-2010

ARC are a true blue Australian company with a history that mirrors the history of this country since 1920. It was in that year that we became the first to produce steel fabricated mesh here in Australia at our Sunshine site near Melbourne.

Over the years we have supplied the steel built into many of our Australian icons such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Tunnel and Opera House, the MCG and Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, the Sydney and Melbourne Airports, Victoria Bridge in Brisbane and Parliament House in Canberra.

ARC steel is in the bones of the roads we drive on, the houses we live in, the buildings we work in, the schools our kids learn in and the iconic landmarks that symbolise Australia to the rest of the world. 

We have been producing our chainwire rolls in Australian since the early 1950's and our weldmesh panels since the 1930's. We are proud that our products are Made in Australia, for Australian conditions and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Many generations have used our products over the years throughout the different regions of Australia and have come to trust and demand ARC Weldmesh Panel for the job.